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Island Hoping

1. Cubadak Island

Pagang Island



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new house of brigitte's house

Location : Jalan  Nipah no 39 Padang
Our Deluxe room
Air Conditioner, Balcony, Hot water, ensuite, breakfast, extra bed,wifi in living room
300 000 idr/2 person
extra bed : 85 000 idr/person

Our Standart Single Room
Air Conditioner, ensuite,breakfast, extra bed, wifi in living room
175 000/1 person
200 000/2 person

Our Deluxe room
Air Conditioner, Balcony, Hot water,ensuite, breakfast, wifi in living Room
300 000 idr/2 person
extra bed : 85 000 idr/person

Friday, 28 January 2011


The Heart of West Sumatra

Padang is one of the most ancient cities on the west shore of the Indian Ocean and the capital of west Sumatra. Nowadays, the population of Padang approximately 800.000 people. This fact brings Padang become the largest city in the West Coast of Sumatra Island, Although widely diversified in terms of ethnic, the majority is Minangkabau. Minangkabau society is famous for its matrilineal system and Islamic religion.
For communication, the most spoken language is Minang language as a local language beside Indonesia language. These two languages do not differ significantly, except their dialect. In adequate portion, some community members speak English, especially on encounter with foreigners.
Presently, The town which is popular with Padang food is growing to be a busy town and phisically perform of the town coloured by office buildings uniquely roofed in Minangkabau architecture. Although become a busy town, for the record, Padang belongs to one of the most cleanest and safest towns in Indonesia.
The most distinct feature of the city is the Minangkabau buffalo -like roofs.The historical centre extends from the old harbour and merges old buildings from the dutch colonial era with Chinese influences.

Padang which is the capital city of West Sumatra Province and the tourism main gate to the west coast of Sumatra Island, lies at the western part of the extreemely centre of Sumatra island or between latitudes 0058’ 44’ south and longitudes 100 21’ 11’ east and accupies an area of 434.63 square Km, strech from the foot of Bukit Barisan maountain range to Hindia Ocean with 19 small islands infront. As the beach city, it has a high temperatur between 28.50 C - 31.50 C at mid day and 240 C - 25.50 C at night. The average annual rainfall is + 306 mm.

Padang Old Town in the evening

Jembatan siti Nurbaya in the night
enjoy Banana and corn, and watch local people

Museum Adhityawarman

Rumah Gadang- Traditional House of Minangkabau

Old Temple in china town

Stunning view of Muaro Padang in the morning

Padang has some pretty beaches. The most popular ones are located south of Padang. The beaches are good for swimming, boating or just watching fishing boats going out in the afternoon. On Sundays, the beaches are usually crowded with families and youngsters enjoying their weekly day off. On other days, however, we will find the beaches deserted.

One of the most famous attractions in Padang is the renowned 'Nasi Padang'. Numerous restaurants serve it. The most famous is Indah Jaya and Sari Raso , which has branches throughout West Sumatra and Riau, but also in other cities in Indonesia. When we sit down at a table, in no time the waiter will fill the whole table with plates, containing Kari, chicken and fish prepared in coconut curry, Rendang, meat in coconut gravy and Dendeng Balado, thin slices of dried and fried beef served with red chilies.
Enjoying Padang Food

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Lake Maninjau is a large crater lake in West SumatraIndonesia with several villages bordering it. It is a great place to relax, experience local rural lifestyle and watch the sunsets. The lake also supports swimming, canning and fishing. The villages themselves are small and great for escaping the hectic pace of Indonesia.

sunset on the lake


Magical View of  HARAU VALLEY

Minangkabau landscape, people and culture
Thanks to Maria Josephine Wijiastuti for amazing photos in this post. You are very talented!